I have no idea what kind of birds these are, but the prettiest was the yellow and gray bird in the last 2 pics. Had trouble getting those photos!


Walter and I picked out sticks to make a raft, and Jonathan strung them together. He was excited to see if it would float.

Later that night, we made a bird tracing Walter’s hands.

Three baby deer!

They almost make mule-deer look cute!

In other random news, I made a cover for Walter’s swing. He’d freak out a little when it was covered in bird-doo, so I’m hoping this remedies that predicament. Ahh, wildlife!

Cork Board

I made a cork board for the hall closet out of some scrap trim. Walter pulled out his workbench so he could be right by me as I built it. Too cute.

Jonathan’s Family

You can’t tell in this photo, but I managed to sprint from the tripod with he self timer, just as Jonathan scooped up Walter. It turned out ok. (Minus Linds and Scott’s family.) And about 15 minutes later, it downpoured…

4th of July

We spent the 4th of July at our friend, Mike’s house. It was a beautiful day, the food was good, and the company was even better.

I’m not sure who was responsible for encouraging this, Guy or Mike….

Not too many photos from the day, as I took more video, but I finally figured out how to get a photo from a movie file in photoshop….

Tree Down!

We had a crazy wind storm, and I woke up to my neigbor Mike at my door, asking if I needed help clearing the tree out of the road. Trees only fall down in my yard when Jonathan is out of town.

Too bad it wasn’t closer to Christmas. That would have made a killer Christmas tree!!

I’m a little sad, as the tree-guy who came to remove it said the ground is too wet/shallow right there to replant any type of pine tree. We’ll have to make do with the puny snow-ball bush we planted, that only grows three flowers. Maybe it will get bigger now that the pine is gone….oh well.

Swimming & Strawberry Days Carnival


Miss Natalie invited us to her new pool. Walter calls it the big pond. He thought we were going fishing.





After all that excitement, we took Walter to his first Carnival. The slide was a big hit.

We tried to put him on a few rides, but the attendants wouldn’t let him stay because he wouldn’t sit still. I think he got kicked off the airplane ride as well as the motorcycle ride, which really bummed him out. He did better on the train and the carousel.

For his last slide-run, he wanted me to take him instead of Jonathan, and I about died. I’m not afraid of heights, just a little apprehensive about how well-built the tall, TALL stairs were… It was quite the rush for me. I’m sure Walter liked it too.


Atlanta Zoo

Went to the Atlanta Zoo with Becky, Christopher, Cassie, and her friend Alexis. Saw some awesome animals, but the highlights for Walter were the petting zoo, carousel and train. Here he is brushing a goat.

A sleeping pig.

Walter wasn’t keen on the texture of the pig hair petting with Cas.

Feeding the goats right in front of the sign not to feed the goats. Rebel.

This baby goat kept biting. Walter kept putting hay on its back. Awesome.

Alexis, Cas, Walter and Christopher

Walter picked the bear to ride.

And then we went on THE TRAIN. You could hear it from almost the whole zoo, and it was really hard to keep it for last, but we managed.

We sat right behind the engine and he loved everything except the tunnel – it was pretty loud.







Ice Skating

We took Walter ice skating for the first time!

He loved it! He kept signing for more, and cried when we tried to take his rental skates off. He was so fearless, and took to marching on the ice right away. It made me so happy to share something that was such a big part of my life with him. 

His first steps marching by himself!

Any time Jonathan would stop, Walter would ask for more! He loved gliding really fast.

Thanksgiving 2010

I made my first turkey this year! Jonathan carved it up. Walter couldn’t wait to try some.

Overall, the dinner turned out well, but the best part was watching Walter eat.

He did this awesome “show-me-your-guns” move while trying to manuever the fork.

1st Haircut

Walter got his haircut today, and insisted on wearing his shirt like he was at try-outs for Flashdance the rest of the day. The UPS man sure got a kick out of that.

He looks so grown up to me with his hair cut.

Here’s a comparison to his crazy after-nap hair from earlier this month. (11/6)

Pumpkins in Georgia

Walter and I went to a pumpkin patch with Christopher, Asimina and Great Aunt Becky. Walter was more interested in picking up the pumpkins and *ahem* throwing them.  Which resulted in me repeatedly saying, “That’s not a ball, honey, it’s a pumpkin.” Walter responded with a grunt (picking up another pumpkin) and a thud (sound of the pumpkin falling to the ground).

More pumpkin throwing  picking.

I promise no pumpkins were harmed during our visit.

Chris and Asimina.

These two were too, too cute together.

Becky found the coolest acorn triplicate.

This one’s for you, Cas. hehe.

Yep, still cute.

And everything started out harmlessly, with a request for a picture of Becky with a pumpkin in a wheelbarrow.

Next thing I knew, she was birthing a pumpkin, and Walter was confused.

Walter wasn’t too keen on sitting still with a pumpkin, but we all made fools of ourselves trying to get him to look at the camera.

Beck, thanks for making me laugh. You’re the best.

Check out Walter’s hair in the breeze!

Controversial Backpack

 OK, so, I’ll confess. I totally used to judge people who had their kids on leashes at the mall. It seemed so wrong to me that people would leash their small children like a dog. 

I had a dog of my own before Walter. I kept her leashed when we went on walks for many reasons.  That was the rule where I lived.  It kept my dog safe. It helped me to train her not to run away, before she knew better. Let me just say, I’m a total dog lover.

But more so than a dog lover, I love my kid. I want him safe. I want him comfortable. I want him happy. I want him not cranky on a 4 hour flight.

These pics are off my iphone from our latest airport travel with Walter. We filled his backpack with a few of his favorite books and his baby Eeyore. It was totally awesome! It gave him enough freedom to get his wiggles out before a looong flight, but he didn’t take off running like a typical crazy toddler does. He loves it so much, that he asks to put it on at home, and fills it with his favorite toys. 


And yes, I totally made that backpack. It was brown and white striped canvas with black contrast piping, a black zipper and padded shoulder straps. Perfectly Walter-sized!


Walter finally figured out how to kick the soccer ball.

And I had a minute to take some photos of my pretty yard.

I wonder if these bee-friends belong to Marta’s hive? There were so many!

Labor Day: Four Wheeling and Chickens

We went to Grandpa Lawrence and Grandma Delanie’s for Labor Day with our neighbor Mike.

Walter started out chasing Grandpa’s fluffy chickens.

Then some 4-wheeling ensued.

I promise he didn’t crash.

Walter liked it.

Mike went really fast.

So did Delanie! (No, seriously. I asked her to get on for a picture, and she took it for a spin first.)

Reading Books

Walter loves reading books! Here’s some pics off my iphone… from 9/6

And on 9/10. Walter loves to sit and look through this train book that my Mom sent. It’s retired from the library where I grew up, and it smells just like I remember! (Something about the humidity, plus old books maybe?)

Lots of Quilts and Kissing

Grandma Jeanie invited us to the Springville Quilt Show at the Museum. We arrived a little quicker than everyone else (Jonathan drove), and Walter was delighted to watch a long parade of vintage cars drive down the street. It was windy.

When Jeanie pulled into the parking lot, Aunt Leslie, Rachel and Mariah all lined up in a row to see who Walter would run to, as “favorite aunt”.

Walter ran straight to Grandpa Dar. (The only one not egging him on. haha)

Quilt show and cowboy statues. Hmmmm.

After we saw all the quilts, we went out to the garden. Walter sat on the horse.

And the kissing commenced.

Mariah vs. Fish

Leslie and Walter

Rachel and Walter

Dar and Jeanie

And a quilt (block) for good measure. Hippo from the Noah’s Ark quilt.

Miss you, Gin

My Uncle sent me pics of his new puppy, who looks a little like my Ginger did. It made me miss her all over again. Ginger, you were the best little dog a girl could have. Miss you.

Swimming with Grady

My neighbor Mike invited Walter to come swimming with Grady. He tried to dive in like he does in his kiddy pool, which resulted in him climbing onto me like a cat out of water. He kept shaking his head, “no, no, no.” (He did NOT like going face first into the water!)

But Grady was having such a good time.

She eventually persuaded him back in with some toe dipping.

And then he was cold. Time to get out!

Grady crawled like crazy.

Walter found rocks.

Grady climbed.

It was a great time at the pool! Thanks Mike and Mel! (Mel took all the cute, cute pictures. Thanks!)


This is the graceful way Walter gets in the pool. Better to get wet all at once, I suppose!

Don’t be fooled. It’s a small pool.


He got out and said brrr. Really – you should hear him say brrrr. It’s sooo cute!

Walter’s New Coat

It seems a little ridiculous that my little guy needs a coat in the middle of June. Utah weather can be so unpredictable. 

I made it on my birthday. I know. I was sewing on my birthday. The funny thing is, on any holiday, birthday, or special occasion, I gravitate towards the sewing room. It just feels RIGHT to me. I think it comes from a happy childhood tradition my family had of giving homemade gifts. Of course, homemade gifts can be the hardest things to give, as the inspiration and planning involved sometimes takes longer than making the actual gift itself. It’s all part of my anti-social love-language. Really. Thanks Jonathan, for not being offended that I wanted to spend part of my birthday holed up in the sewing room.  

Walter’s coat is made out of a pair of recycled linen Banana Republic pants, that weren’t quite working for Jonathan anymore. I lined the coat in the softest blue knit, and found the perfect amount of buttons out of my button jar. I love that the linen looks slightly rumpled, and the coat is just warm enough for late Spring. I think it might even fit him into the Fall – note his sleeves rolled up!

P.S. I’ve given up on getting Walter to look at the camera.

Yes, he’s mid-sign for milk in that first picture.

I love his serious, “Where’s my milk” face in this picture.

And then the next one: “Oh, car keys? Nevermind about the milk.”

We’re not in Massachusetts anymore, Bambi

I was on the phone with my brother the other day, and I told him there were some deer in my backyard earlier. He said, “Awe, cute.”


Deer in Massachusetts are cute. They are pretty, and slender and have delicate little features like Bambi’s mother.

Enter MULE DEER. We’re not in Kansas Massachusetts anymore, Toto Bambi. Here come’s Bambi’s gangly, awkwardly tall teenage cousin, with the nose it hasn’t grown into yet, knobby knees and giant donkey ears. They eat my bushes and my roses, charge the neighbor’s dogs, and aren’t afraid of people. This one hung out in my backyard for over an hour, taking a nap even after Walter banged on the window for 5 minutes straight. This one’s pretty small. But, man, check out its ears!


Meegan and Parker stopped by on their way to Oregon.

Walter was super excited about the big truck Parker drove up in.

He’d make a mean truck driver.

A last ditch effort to get in Meegan’s car.

I was really sad to see them on their way, but I’m excited for them to start their new adventure in Portland.

Good luck Meeg & Parker! Love you! Can’t wait to visit!

Trampolines, Cousins and a Goat.

Walter, Aunt Leslie, and Cousin Josie

Walter’s first time on the trampoline at Grandma Jean’s & Grandpa Dar’s.

I had this bright idea to take a photo of the cousins on the tampoline. Yeah. Moral of the story, don’t get ON the trampoline if you want a picture in focus. Check out Jonathan’s expression, and Josie getting a total kick out of the whole thing.

Try # 2 on stationary object: chair. Walter makes a quick get-away.

Aunt Linds & Sienna


On the way home, there’s a full-on goat in some-one’s front yard. What the goat?

Lindon’s motto is “a little bit country”. Whatever.

Looks like Daddy

I’ve always thought Walter looked more like me than Jonathan. Until I saw them both sporting hats.

And yes, Walter really is that orange. Not just his face, but his whole body. If you could see his buddah belly, it’s orange too! It’s just his skin tone.