My Little Dinosaur

Happy Halloween!

I can’t believe my baby is 4. This year, he said he didn’t want to be a “W” costume anymore. ūüė¶

He wanted to be a dinosaur. Specifically, a Spinosaurus. Yep, it’s a real dinosaur. ¬†He picked Spinosaurus because he’s scarier than all the rest. (According to Walter.) He made sure it had the proper amount of fingers and toes, and requested extra scary red eyes. I followed a tutorial on youtube to make the eyes, with the exception of the epoxy. (I used clear spray paint.) His teeth and claws are felt filled with hot glue, and everything else is gold Lam√©¬†and a little bit of egg crate foam in the tail.

A Spinosaurus.

My kid is awesome.

Jessica-May IMG_9785

Jessica-May IMG_9771

Jessica-May IMG_9779

Jessica-May IMG_9794

Jessica-May IMG_9769

New Bike

Jonathan picked out a new bike for Walter’s birthday, and we surprised him with it. Walter handed¬†off Eeyore for the bike, and Jamin looks reaaaally excited.

Doing good!

The dip for the driveway entrance looked a little tricky….

….and it did get the better of him!

But, with a little encouraging, he got right back on!!!


We celebrated Walter’s 3rd birthday a few days early so Uncle Jamin could be there. I made a gluten-free cake, and Walter was super excited.

He had a hard time blowing out the candles…

When he started unwrapping his gifts, he didn’t want to tear the paper.

He got some magnetic fish and a fishing pole. (and a mermaid, of course)

The much awaited Annie and Claribel.

Emily and her tender.

He had one more big present to open, but he was so excited about fishing, that he didn’t even notice it.

He asked for the Roundhouse for Christmas, and we waited until his birthday to get it for him. (From Gin and Mommy)

Jamin helped me make some crazy tracks for Walter to fit his new Roundhouse, and we managed to fit almost every Thomas piece he owns on the table.  Here, Walter is counting how many trains he has. Jonathan thinks too many, haha.

Dinosaur Museum

We went to the Dinosaur Museum with Uncle Jamin and Great Aunt Becky.

Walter spent almost an hour at the fossil dig area.

It was hard to tell who liked it more. Walter or Jamin?


Walter pretty much ran through the museum, but he wanted me to take a picture of the Protoceratops fossil.

At the end, Gin and Uncle Jamin read books to Walter at the little museum shop. He was so tired, he about fell asleep before we left!


I sat him down to talk about a haircut. He wasn’t so sure.

I cried after it was cut. Something about his floppy hair… It made¬†all the floppy-ness¬†in his personality seem more fun loving.

Here he is all shorn.

HeeHaw Farms

Walter had the opportunity to go to HeeHaw farms with some new friends! There were so many things to do, we were both pretty tired by the time we arrived home.

There were 10 or so baby piglets¬†about the size of this pig’s head in another pen that were only a week old. The mother was probably the size of Walter’s toddler bed. It was huge! Wish I had a picture of that big pig!

He LOVED this giant hill slide.

A mid-slide mug. Haha

Walter Cow.

Corn pit. Kind of like a sand box, but corn. I grew up near some pretty big farms and corn fields, but I’d never seen this before.

Walter searching for the perfect pumpkin. He wanted a really small one, and kept passing by tons of pumpkins until he found what he wanted.

The PRIZE pumpkin.

Thanks for inviting us, Brittney!


It’s started again. Every fall, the crab apple trees drop their rock-hard apple bombs, leaving a sticky mess all over my deck, and littering the backyard with too many apples to avoid stepping on. Not to mention the occasional apple to head impact.

What a mess! The deer love it, but after a few weeks, my backyard starts to smell like a brewery of fermented apples. Gross!


Provo Beach Resort

We went to the Provo Beach Resort and Walter must have ridden the carousel 10 or more times!

Not sure why my phone turned Walter yellow in these pics, but his surfing was hilarious! Jonathan stuck him on the board and he had no idea what to do.

Doesn’t he look so confused? Ha!

Too Quiet

Another too-quiet parenting moment. I snuck around the corner to see what he was up to, and found Walter with perfectly placed dots of foundation on his forehead, nose and both cheeks. Clearly he’s watched me apply my makeup a few times. This was the aftermath…

Sailing on Utah Lake

Jonathan’s friend Matt took us sailing on Utah Lake. It was Walter’s first time on a boat, and my first time on a bigger sailboat. It was so much fun! Walter loved it, and Matt made the ride nice and slow (just my speed). The water was pretty smooth and the sunset was pretty.

Thanks Matt!

Pioneer Day

Pioneer Day: a good excuse for the neighborhood men (including my husband) to act like teenagers and purchase dangerously large amounts of fireworks.

It was SOOOO pretty!!!

This is the last shot I took before Pioneer Day Pandemonium 2011 broke out. (turn away if you are squeamish…)

So, I was so proud of myself for shooting fireworks in manual mode on my camera, I was using my big 70-200 lens and had the camera pointed up, waiting for the next shot, when it felt like I’d been slugged on my forearm with something very hard and very hot.

So, while I was waiting for the next shot, the box of aerial mortars tipped over and fired right at me. Jonathan grabbed Walter so fast, that he actually ran in front of me before I was hit. No one out of the 30 or so people there were hurt besides me, unless you count the neighbor’s scorched yard…¬† You should have seen everyone scatter! I’ll spare you the other photos of the clumps of hair that burned and fell out, the holes in my sweatshirt, the burns on my upper arm and hip. It doesn’t look too scary, but fireworks burn faster and hotter, and produce deeper burns than they appear to be. Anyway, I’m so glad no one else was hurt (especially Walter!). I now have a newfound respect for fireworks, and perhaps next year, I’ll stick to viewing the city-run explosives from a much safer distance.

4th of July

We spent the 4th of July at our friend, Mike’s house. It was a beautiful day, the food was good, and the company was even better.

I’m not sure who was responsible for encouraging this, Guy or Mike….

Not too many photos from the day, as I took more video, but I finally figured out how to get a photo from a movie file in photoshop….

Atlanta Zoo

Went to the Atlanta Zoo with Becky, Christopher, Cassie, and her friend Alexis. Saw some awesome animals, but the highlights for Walter were the petting zoo, carousel and train. Here he is brushing a goat.

A sleeping pig.

Walter wasn’t keen on the texture of the pig hair petting with Cas.

Feeding the goats right in front of the sign not to feed the goats. Rebel.

This baby goat kept biting. Walter kept putting hay on its back. Awesome.

Alexis, Cas, Walter and Christopher

Walter picked the bear to ride.

And then we went on THE TRAIN. You could hear it from almost the whole zoo, and it was really hard to keep it for last, but we managed.

We sat right behind the engine and he loved everything except the tunnel – it was pretty loud.







Thanksgiving 2010

I made my first turkey this year! Jonathan carved it up. Walter couldn’t wait to try some.

Overall, the dinner turned out well, but the best part was watching Walter eat.

He did this awesome “show-me-your-guns” move while trying to manuever the fork.

1st Haircut

Walter got his haircut today, and insisted on wearing his shirt like he was at try-outs for Flashdance the rest of the day. The UPS man sure got a kick out of that.

He looks so grown up to me with his hair cut.

Here’s a comparison to¬†his crazy after-nap hair from earlier this month. (11/6)


Walter finally figured out how to kick the soccer ball.

And I had a minute to take some photos of my pretty yard.

I wonder if these bee-friends belong to Marta’s hive? There were so many!

Labor Day: Four Wheeling and Chickens

We went to Grandpa Lawrence and Grandma Delanie’s for Labor Day with our neighbor Mike.

Walter started out chasing Grandpa’s fluffy¬†chickens.

Then some 4-wheeling ensued.

I promise he didn’t crash.

Walter liked it.

Mike went really fast.

So did Delanie! (No, seriously. I asked her to get on for a picture, and she took it for a spin first.)

Lots of Quilts and Kissing

Grandma Jeanie invited us to the Springville Quilt Show at the Museum. We arrived a little quicker than everyone else (Jonathan drove), and Walter was delighted to watch a long parade of vintage cars drive down the street. It was windy.

When Jeanie pulled into the parking lot, Aunt Leslie, Rachel and Mariah all lined up in a row to see who Walter would run to, as “favorite aunt”.

Walter ran straight to Grandpa Dar. (The only one not egging him on. haha)

Quilt show and cowboy statues. Hmmmm.

After we saw all the quilts, we went out to the garden. Walter sat on the horse.

And the kissing commenced.

Mariah vs. Fish

Leslie and Walter

Rachel and Walter

Dar and Jeanie

And a quilt¬†(block) for good measure. Hippo from the Noah’s Ark quilt.

Miss you, Gin

My Uncle sent me pics of his new puppy, who looks a little like my Ginger did. It made me miss her all over again. Ginger, you were the best little dog a girl could have. Miss you.

Swimming with Grady

My neighbor Mike invited Walter to come swimming with Grady. He tried to dive in¬†like he does in his kiddy pool, which resulted in him climbing onto me like a cat out of water. He kept shaking his head, “no, no, no.” (He did NOT like going face first into the water!)

But Grady was having such a good time.

She eventually persuaded him back in with some toe dipping.

And then he was cold. Time to get out!

Grady crawled like crazy.

Walter found rocks.

Grady climbed.

It was a great time at the pool! Thanks Mike and Mel! (Mel took all the cute, cute pictures. Thanks!)


This is the graceful way Walter gets in the pool. Better to get wet all at once, I suppose!

Don’t be fooled. It’s a small pool.


He got out and said brrr. Really – you should hear him say brrrr. It’s sooo cute!

We’re not in Massachusetts anymore, Bambi

I was on the phone with my brother the other day, and I told him there were some deer in my backyard earlier. He said, “Awe, cute.”


Deer in Massachusetts are cute.¬†They are pretty, and slender and have delicate little features like Bambi’s mother.

Enter MULE DEER. We’re not in Kansas Massachusetts anymore, Toto Bambi. Here come’s Bambi’s gangly, awkwardly tall teenage cousin, with the nose it hasn’t grown into yet, knobby knees and giant¬†donkey ears. They eat my bushes and my roses, charge the neighbor’s dogs, and aren’t afraid of people. This one hung out in my backyard for over an hour,¬†taking a nap even after Walter banged on the window for 5 minutes straight. This one’s pretty small. But, man, check out its ears!


Meegan and Parker stopped by on their way to Oregon.

Walter was super excited about the big truck Parker drove up in.

He’d make a mean truck driver.

A last ditch effort to get in Meegan’s car.

I was really sad to see them on their way, but I’m excited for them to start their new adventure in Portland.

Good luck Meeg & Parker! Love you! Can’t wait to visit!

Trampolines, Cousins and a Goat.

Walter, Aunt Leslie, and Cousin Josie

Walter’s first time on the trampoline at Grandma Jean’s & Grandpa Dar’s.

I had this bright idea to take a photo of the cousins on the tampoline. Yeah. Moral of the story, don’t get ON the trampoline if you want a picture in focus. Check out Jonathan’s expression, and Josie getting a total kick out of the whole thing.

Try # 2 on stationary object: chair. Walter makes a quick get-away.

Aunt Linds & Sienna


On the way home, there’s a full-on goat in some-one’s front yard. What the goat?

Lindon’s motto is “a little bit country”. Whatever.

Looks like Daddy

I’ve always thought Walter looked more like me than Jonathan. Until I saw them both sporting hats.

And yes, Walter really is that orange. Not just his face, but his whole body. If you could see his buddah belly, it’s orange too!¬†It’s just his skin tone.

No he didn’t

That’s what I thought when I saw it. “No, he didn’t.”


Walter loved it. Thanks Sergio! ¬†He said “vvvroooommm” the second he saw it!

Hilarious. His belly was too big for him to lean on the tank to reach both the handles.

He looks totally bad a*% in this next picture. What happened to my little baby?

I guess it’s my fault. I encouraged the whole thing by making him a motorcycle t-shirt. (Which he wants to wear allll the time.)¬†The kid seriously sits on our Dyson vacuum¬†and rides it like a motorcycle. You should hear the “vrooom”s coming out of him now.


My one year old has a motorcycle.

At least he still looks little-ish in his swing. Sorta.