My Little Dinosaur

Happy Halloween!

I can’t believe my baby is 4. This year, he said he didn’t want to be a “W” costume anymore. ūüė¶

He wanted to be a dinosaur. Specifically, a Spinosaurus. Yep, it’s a real dinosaur. ¬†He picked Spinosaurus because he’s scarier than all the rest. (According to Walter.) He made sure it had the proper amount of fingers and toes, and requested extra scary red eyes. I followed a tutorial on youtube to make the eyes, with the exception of the epoxy. (I used clear spray paint.) His teeth and claws are felt filled with hot glue, and everything else is gold Lam√©¬†and a little bit of egg crate foam in the tail.

A Spinosaurus.

My kid is awesome.

Jessica-May IMG_9785

Jessica-May IMG_9771

Jessica-May IMG_9779

Jessica-May IMG_9794

Jessica-May IMG_9769

The making of a waffle.

These are the only photos I took while I was making Walter’s Halloween costume. There were several requirements we had for his costume: It had to come on and off easily, so he felt in control of it, so as to avoid a meltdown. It had to be soft. It had to start with a “W”. (We’ve already done a Walrus and Wall-e costumes.)

Step 1. I had him lay down on some pattern paper, and I traced around him. This part was fun. Walter insisted I draw in his face and toes. A pattern-boy must have toes!

Step 2: Draw a circle in the size that looks proportionate to pattern-boy. I drew several after this photo was taken.

After this photo was taken, there was much debate about how to make the waffle 3-d, with the least amount of sewing needed.

3. I drew out my waffle grid on the pattern paper and cut it out

4. Lay out the pattern on the back (non-bumpy side) of an egg-crate foam, and trace it.

5. Cut out the inside, lower parts of the waffle.

6. (sorry, no more photos) I placed my foam sandwiched between two pieces of fleece and pinned the insides of every square shape, and stitched right at the edge of the foam using a one-sided zipper foot. Lastly, I stitched all the way around the edge, smoothing as I went along.

7. Apply syrup and butter to taste.

Here’s the finished product:

Controversial Backpack

¬†OK, so, I’ll confess. I totally used to judge people who had their kids on leashes at the mall. It seemed so wrong to me that people would leash their small children like a dog.¬†

I had a dog of my own before Walter. I kept her leashed when we went on walks for¬†many reasons.¬† That was the rule where I lived.¬† It kept my dog safe.¬†It helped me to train her not to run away, before she knew better. Let me just say, I’m a total dog lover.

But more so than a dog lover, I love my kid. I want him safe. I want him comfortable. I want him happy. I want him not cranky on a 4 hour flight.

These pics are off my iphone¬†from our latest airport travel with Walter. We filled his backpack with a few of his favorite books and his baby Eeyore. It was totally awesome! It gave him enough freedom to get his wiggles out before a looong flight, but he didn’t take off running¬†like a typical crazy toddler does.¬†He loves it so much,¬†that he asks to put it on at home, and fills it with his favorite toys.¬†


And yes, I totally made that backpack. It was brown and white striped canvas with black contrast piping, a black zipper and padded shoulder straps. Perfectly Walter-sized!

Walter’s New Coat

It seems a little ridiculous that my little guy needs a coat in the middle of June. Utah weather can be so unpredictable. 

I made it on my birthday. I know. I was sewing on my birthday.¬†The funny thing is, on any holiday, birthday, or special occasion, I gravitate towards the sewing room. It just feels RIGHT to me. I think it comes from a happy childhood tradition my family had of giving homemade gifts. Of course, homemade gifts¬†can be¬†the hardest things to give, as the inspiration and planning involved sometimes takes longer than making the actual gift itself.¬†It’s all part of my anti-social love-language. Really.¬†Thanks Jonathan,¬†for not being offended¬†that I wanted to spend part of my birthday holed up in the sewing room.¬†¬†

Walter’s coat is made out of a pair of recycled linen Banana Republic¬†pants, that weren’t quite working for Jonathan anymore. I lined¬†the coat¬†in the softest blue knit, and found the perfect amount of buttons out of my button jar. I love that the linen looks slightly rumpled, and the coat is just warm enough for late Spring. I think it might even fit him into the Fall – note his sleeves rolled up!

P.S. I’ve given up on getting Walter to look at the camera.

Yes, he’s mid-sign for milk in that¬†first picture.

I love his serious, “Where’s my milk” face in this picture.

And then the next one: “Oh, car keys? Nevermind about the milk.”

New Shirt

I made a new shirt for Walter.

It totally kills me when Jonathan comes home with a sad explanation for how he got the stain on the sleeve of¬†his brand new Banana Republic shirt…and this is the only way I can seem to make peace with the stain that I just could not get out.

Walter’s version sports some contrasting gray stitching and gray snaps instead of buttons.

Ralph was a willing model, as Walter’s already gone to bed. It seems that Ralph is not a size 12-18 month. Ha.

My favorite part is the little pocket on the diagonal.

Walker Makeover 2.12.10

Why is baby gear so ugly?

And why does the creepy baby from the side of the walker box¬† look like¬†his/her legs don’t match¬†his/her body.


Yes, I bought Walter a walker. Don’t judge. He’s sooo active, I need one more thing to CONTAIN him in! And no, I don’t let him roam free near stairs or on hills or any other potentially dangerous walker-type activity.

But man it’s ugly. Like the 70’s threw up on it. UGLEEEEEY.

 I reupholstered the seat.

Much better now.

Seriously. Check out the baby – to – leg ratio here. I can’t stop laughing.

A Challenge

So, I’ve been reading lately on another blog about up-cycling men’s shirts into cute, cute little girl’s dresses… And thennnn I was reading on afriend’s blog, that she’s so excited to be having a girl, because it is more fun to sew clothes for little girls. Well. She’s totally right. That’s why I sew wedding dresses for a living. There’s a certain thrill out of creating a beautiful gown, and seeing a girl twirl in it….


I have a cute – and I mean cute – little guy to clothe, and so I took it as a challenge to actually enjoy sewing something for him, inspired by the up-cycling. ¬†Here’s what I came up with: one of Jonathan’s old shirts…


It’s a little big right now, but Walter’s growing so fast.

IMG_2223 copy

IMG_2224 copy

Moral of story, my friend Crystal is totally right. You just can’t beat the joy of sewing a little girl’s dress. And I¬†hate hand-sewing on the snaps. I need to purchase a snap setter. But I did have fun seeing the end result on my little man. And I love the little bias-cut pocket.