Christmas Mouse

So, when I was a kid, we has these AWESOME christmas mice. I remember having two of them, but most specifically, a Mrs. Clause mouse, handmade out of felt and full-on lace bonnet and frilly christmas dress ala 1980’s. She had bendable arms and legs just like those elf-on-a-shelf and I thought she was the coolest ornament on our tree for many years of my childhood. I particularly thought it’s tail was cool because it felt like a real mouse tail. (Our cat, Mittens often left us sad mice offerings on our doorstep…) I’m thinking the original looked more along these lines, but, the legs were long and slender with wire in them. We use to wrap the legs onto the tree branches to help her sit.

Anyway, I’ve emailed my Mom a few times about the famed Christmas mouse, but I haven’t been able to describe the mouse very well, and it’s probably buried in a box of ornaments somewhere random and inaccessible. So, I decided to try to make my own.

Attempt #1

She’s a lot more contemporary than I remember the original, and she’s made out of silk duppioni, not felt. I think her head is larger and her arms are smaller. I may have made her legs a bit long.

Walter really likes her. He said she likes to run.

I put the mouse IN the house, and Walter said, “Nooooo. ON the house.”

Did anybody out there have a christmas mouse as a kid, too?

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