The making of a waffle.

These are the only photos I took while I was making Walter’s Halloween costume. There were several requirements we had for his costume: It had to come on and off easily, so he felt in control of it, so as to avoid a meltdown. It had to be soft. It had to start with a “W”. (We’ve already done a Walrus and Wall-e costumes.)

Step 1. I had him lay down on some pattern paper, and I traced around him. This part was fun. Walter insisted I draw in his face and toes. A pattern-boy must have toes!

Step 2: Draw a circle in the size that looks proportionate to pattern-boy. I drew several after this photo was taken.

After this photo was taken, there was much debate about how to make the waffle 3-d, with the least amount of sewing needed.

3. I drew out my waffle grid on the pattern paper and cut it out

4. Lay out the pattern on the back (non-bumpy side) of an egg-crate foam, and trace it.

5. Cut out the inside, lower parts of the waffle.

6. (sorry, no more photos) I placed my foam sandwiched between two pieces of fleece and pinned the insides of every square shape, and stitched right at the edge of the foam using a one-sided zipper foot. Lastly, I stitched all the way around the edge, smoothing as I went along.

7. Apply syrup and butter to taste.

Here’s the finished product:

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