Pioneer Day

Pioneer Day: a good excuse for the neighborhood men (including my husband) to act like teenagers and purchase dangerously large amounts of fireworks.

It was SOOOO pretty!!!

This is the last shot I took before Pioneer Day Pandemonium 2011 broke out. (turn away if you are squeamish…)

So, I was so proud of myself for shooting fireworks in manual mode on my camera, I was using my big 70-200 lens and had the camera pointed up, waiting for the next shot, when it felt like I’d been slugged on my forearm with something very hard and very hot.

So, while I was waiting for the next shot, the box of aerial mortars tipped over and fired right at me. Jonathan grabbed Walter so fast, that he actually ran in front of me before I was hit. No one out of the 30 or so people there were hurt besides me, unless you count the neighbor’s scorched yard…  You should have seen everyone scatter! I’ll spare you the other photos of the clumps of hair that burned and fell out, the holes in my sweatshirt, the burns on my upper arm and hip. It doesn’t look too scary, but fireworks burn faster and hotter, and produce deeper burns than they appear to be. Anyway, I’m so glad no one else was hurt (especially Walter!). I now have a newfound respect for fireworks, and perhaps next year, I’ll stick to viewing the city-run explosives from a much safer distance.

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