Pumpkins in Georgia

Walter and I went to a pumpkin patch with Christopher, Asimina and Great Aunt Becky. Walter was more interested in picking up the pumpkins and *ahem* throwing them.  Which resulted in me repeatedly saying, “That’s not a ball, honey, it’s a pumpkin.” Walter responded with a grunt (picking up another pumpkin) and a thud (sound of the pumpkin falling to the ground).

More pumpkin throwing  picking.

I promise no pumpkins were harmed during our visit.

Chris and Asimina.

These two were too, too cute together.

Becky found the coolest acorn triplicate.

This one’s for you, Cas. hehe.

Yep, still cute.

And everything started out harmlessly, with a request for a picture of Becky with a pumpkin in a wheelbarrow.

Next thing I knew, she was birthing a pumpkin, and Walter was confused.

Walter wasn’t too keen on sitting still with a pumpkin, but we all made fools of ourselves trying to get him to look at the camera.

Beck, thanks for making me laugh. You’re the best.

Check out Walter’s hair in the breeze!

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