Controversial Backpack

 OK, so, I’ll confess. I totally used to judge people who had their kids on leashes at the mall. It seemed so wrong to me that people would leash their small children like a dog. 

I had a dog of my own before Walter. I kept her leashed when we went on walks for many reasons.  That was the rule where I lived.  It kept my dog safe. It helped me to train her not to run away, before she knew better. Let me just say, I’m a total dog lover.

But more so than a dog lover, I love my kid. I want him safe. I want him comfortable. I want him happy. I want him not cranky on a 4 hour flight.

These pics are off my iphone from our latest airport travel with Walter. We filled his backpack with a few of his favorite books and his baby Eeyore. It was totally awesome! It gave him enough freedom to get his wiggles out before a looong flight, but he didn’t take off running like a typical crazy toddler does. He loves it so much, that he asks to put it on at home, and fills it with his favorite toys. 


And yes, I totally made that backpack. It was brown and white striped canvas with black contrast piping, a black zipper and padded shoulder straps. Perfectly Walter-sized!

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