Walter’s New Coat

It seems a little ridiculous that my little guy needs a coat in the middle of June. Utah weather can be so unpredictable. 

I made it on my birthday. I know. I was sewing on my birthday. The funny thing is, on any holiday, birthday, or special occasion, I gravitate towards the sewing room. It just feels RIGHT to me. I think it comes from a happy childhood tradition my family had of giving homemade gifts. Of course, homemade gifts can be the hardest things to give, as the inspiration and planning involved sometimes takes longer than making the actual gift itself. It’s all part of my anti-social love-language. Really. Thanks Jonathan, for not being offended that I wanted to spend part of my birthday holed up in the sewing room.  

Walter’s coat is made out of a pair of recycled linen Banana Republic pants, that weren’t quite working for Jonathan anymore. I lined the coat in the softest blue knit, and found the perfect amount of buttons out of my button jar. I love that the linen looks slightly rumpled, and the coat is just warm enough for late Spring. I think it might even fit him into the Fall – note his sleeves rolled up!

P.S. I’ve given up on getting Walter to look at the camera.

Yes, he’s mid-sign for milk in that first picture.

I love his serious, “Where’s my milk” face in this picture.

And then the next one: “Oh, car keys? Nevermind about the milk.”

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