We’re not in Massachusetts anymore, Bambi

I was on the phone with my brother the other day, and I told him there were some deer in my backyard earlier. He said, “Awe, cute.”


Deer in Massachusetts are cute. They are pretty, and slender and have delicate little features like Bambi’s mother.

Enter MULE DEER. We’re not in Kansas Massachusetts anymore, Toto Bambi. Here come’s Bambi’s gangly, awkwardly tall teenage cousin, with the nose it hasn’t grown into yet, knobby knees and giant donkey ears. They eat my bushes and my roses, charge the neighbor’s dogs, and aren’t afraid of people. This one hung out in my backyard for over an hour, taking a nap even after Walter banged on the window for 5 minutes straight. This one’s pretty small. But, man, check out its ears!

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