Trampolines, Cousins and a Goat.

Walter, Aunt Leslie, and Cousin Josie

Walter’s first time on the trampoline at Grandma Jean’s & Grandpa Dar’s.

I had this bright idea to take a photo of the cousins on the tampoline. Yeah. Moral of the story, don’t get ON the trampoline if you want a picture in focus. Check out Jonathan’s expression, and Josie getting a total kick out of the whole thing.

Try # 2 on stationary object: chair. Walter makes a quick get-away.

Aunt Linds & Sienna


On the way home, there’s a full-on goat in some-one’s front yard. What the goat?

Lindon’s motto is “a little bit country”. Whatever.

One thought on “Trampolines, Cousins and a Goat.

  1. Grandpa Dar made that Adirondack chair from a regular old
    pallet. Wish I’d squirted it with a hose before you came!

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