Walker Makeover 2.12.10

Why is baby gear so ugly?

And why does the creepy baby from the side of the walker box  look like his/her legs don’t match his/her body.


Yes, I bought Walter a walker. Don’t judge. He’s sooo active, I need one more thing to CONTAIN him in! And no, I don’t let him roam free near stairs or on hills or any other potentially dangerous walker-type activity.

But man it’s ugly. Like the 70’s threw up on it. UGLEEEEEY.

 I reupholstered the seat.

Much better now.

Seriously. Check out the baby – to – leg ratio here. I can’t stop laughing.

2 thoughts on “Walker Makeover 2.12.10

  1. Hahahaha! That baby is weird, I agree the leg body ratio is totally off. And that child is making like a creepy ‘chucky’ face. Creepy!
    You makeover on it makes it look SO much better! Love the blue and brown 🙂

  2. JES!!!! your posts KILL me!!! i was dying when i read that about the walker…….so funny…i love you!!!!!!
    leslie law law law!!

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