Walter’s First Christmas

We spent Walter’s first Christmas in Georgia with my Aunt Becky and her family. Here’s Walter in front of the beautiful tree on Christmas morning.

Something’s not right about this picture. Izzy’s  like five times bigger than the donkey she’s practically sitting on. Hilarious. 

Uncle Jim documenting the morning in his fabulous Christmas tree jammies.

Walter and Jonathan. Turns out Bubba had a double ear infection. He was kinda sad about it. Poor guy.

Cas & Walter.

Paige-y was soooo good, and even let Walter pet her a few times.

Chris being, well, Chris. (Love you!)

There seemed to be a theme with Walter’s gifts:

1. open present. 2. taste present. (Yummy loafers!)

Uncle Jimmy made these awesome blocks and pull-toy for Walter. He loves them and eats them all the time!

Izzy in a box.

The best thing of the whole trip (besides being with my family) was the buggy that Becky & Jim got Walter.

Walter REALLY likes it!

Walter’s first fast car, built by Uncle Jim and Jonathan. How appropriate.

I love these pictures. Walter totally does this all the time. He headbutts, and rubs his forehead on your cheek (kind of like a cat) to show affection. I’ll let you know if he starts purring anytime soon. HA.  The best part about these pics, though, is the complete joy on Jonathan’s face.

Merry Christmas!

Thanks, Becky & Jim, for having us! (And spoiling us all rotten!)

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