Walter’s First Halloween

Here’s the Wall-e costume I hand-made.


If you haven’t seen the movie, and you are thinking, “Who or what is Wall-e?”, here’s a clip for you:

Apparently half of the people in my neighborhood have never seen the movie, because they just looked at Jonathan and I like we were crazy.  Two robots and a cockroach. Riiiight. But isn’t Walter so cute? Look at those big blues.


Annnd he could crawl in his costume.



I love the look on his face in this last one… like, are you done already?

Ahhhh I love Halloween!


I also made Jonathan a roach costume (Wall-e’s friend in the movie) and I was Eve – the other robot.  Walter’s was the best, though.

We’ll see if I can get some good photos of the three of us in costume!

4 thoughts on “Walter’s First Halloween

  1. First of all, he is absolutely adorable these days!!! Ahh!!! I kind of want to eat him. Secondly, the costume is amazing. Third, YES you need a picture of the 3 of you. And last, WHO HASN’T SEEN WALL-E?!! They are sincerely missing out. Very cute.

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