Atlanta Aquarium & the Coke Museum 7.5.2009

Walter’s first look at a fish. I wonder what he was thinking.

blog IMG_2822 copy

I touched a swimming shark. I screamed like a girl. Whatever. I am a girl.

blog IMG_2827

These critters were wayyy cute. And kind of stinky.

blog IMG_2878

In front of a GIANT tank.

blog IMG_3009

Cas made Sean the cutest “I’m a birthday Fish” hat at the aquarium.

blog IMG_3129 copy

Walter allll tuckered out from the fish.

blog IMG_3102

And we made our way to the Coke museum…. (insert dramatic, suspenseful music here.)

Tiffany patiently waiting, while Chris….

blog IMG_3110

Insert walking music here. You know, walking music. Like from Family Guy, when Peter sings “riding on a bus, riding on a bus”.

blog IMG_3108

We’ve reached the mecca.

Coke heaven.

I wish Laurel could have been there. She started my whole Coke problem. Laurel, I blame you for the adorably cute Coca-Cola Bear photos of my son. He’s almost totally covered by the scarf. It’s like where’s Waldo, but with my kid, annnd a Coke Bear annnd Aunt Becky. Where’s Walter? Awwww. I love W names.

blog IMG_3135 copy

I watched a duuummmb 4-d movie about the “secret” ingredient in Coke with Jimmy and Sean. You get squirted in the face with water, air puffs on you and the seats move like a bad amusement park ride. Spoiler alert: Turns out the secret ingredient is “you”. As in “us”, aka coke-drinkers. Addicts. Continually purchasing Coca-Cola products just so you can hear that indescribable fizzy ahhhhhh moment, followed by a caffeine rush. Seriously. My husband jokes that the secret ingredient is battery acid.

blog IMG_3195 copy

Dumb movie aside, I still like Coke. Thanks Mr. Pemberton, for giving me something to drink instead of a morning coffee, to clean my toilets with, and to rot my teeth out.  Oh. and thanks for the cool 4-d glasses. They rock.

blog IMG_3127

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