Here’s Walter getting ready to go swimming. How cute is he in his little trunks?IMG_2421 blog

He loved being in the water!

IMG_2441 blog

Walter went “swimming” in the pool for the first time, with a little help from Mr. Crab.

IMG_2468 blog

Here I am visibly nervous. I don’t swim.

Neither does Walter, but he sure liked his crab.

IMG_1670 blog

IMG_2444 blog

IMG_1677 blog

Yaay for flotation devices!

3 thoughts on “Swimming!

  1. I’m sure happy to see some pictures of you in here, finally 😉
    And of course Walter is so adorable!
    Sorry we never called when we were up in Utah, my sister’s kids had kind of an emergency in a way, nothing serious, but it ended up taking up a lot of our vacation to help them out. I seriously wanted to see you though. We’re coming up the weekend of the 24th of July for Ben’s family reunion, will you be in town?? We really wanna come see you guys, and meet Walter! 😀

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