Chair, You’re Ugly.

It all started with a rocking chair. I bought it from the neighbor for $50. Then, after I moved it into my house, the neighbor’s daughter said, “Oh, that’s the chair the dogs liked to sleep on.”

Ewe.  Don’t get me wrong, I love animals. I just don’t love a chair that un-bathed, outdoor animals have slept on. Again: ewie. So, off, came the fabric, off came the stuffing, and I found myself re-upholstering the rocker. My brother-in-law Dan, and my Husband even had to help me rip out some tacks and nails because the chair was so old… but I did it. I reupholsterd the ugly, dog-sleeping chair. and then I slipcovered it in ruffly goodness.  I had my very own ruffled chair.

And then I got pregnant.

And found out I was having a boy, and thought, wouldn’t it be nice if I had a rocker in the baby’s room. – an un-ruffly one?

And then I slipcovered it , again. I know. Nuts.

chair blog

And then I got this bright idea to re-cover my beloved couch. My perfectly good, unstained, wonderfuly comfy couch. All because the fabric didn’t seem soft enough. It took me a few months. and the neighbor’s staple gun to do it!

couch blog

And then, my husband decided he wanted new couches.


So, I’m selling my couch. Anyone want to buy my couch? $350 and it’s yours.

And now, I’ve moved on to a chair. I guess I actually like slipcovering furniture – it’s like a bride, who holds PERFECTLY still for all her fittings, and never gains or loses weight!

IMG_2303 new chair

I can’t wait to see what this one looks like when I’m done!

One thought on “Chair, You’re Ugly.

  1. That whole “bride who holds perfectly still, never gains or loses weight” comment made me laugh out loud! And they all look amazing, by the way. (Big surprise here…) I totally LOVE the ruffly slipcover! Can’t wait to see your new finished project.

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