A Challenge

So, I’ve been reading lately on another blog about up-cycling men’s shirts into cute, cute little girl’s dresses… And thennnn I was reading on afriend’s blog, that she’s so excited to be having a girl, because it is more fun to sew clothes for little girls. Well. She’s totally right. That’s why I sew wedding dresses for a living. There’s a certain thrill out of creating a beautiful gown, and seeing a girl twirl in it….


I have a cute – and I mean cute – little guy to clothe, and so I took it as a challenge to actually enjoy sewing something for him, inspired by the up-cycling.  Here’s what I came up with: one of Jonathan’s old shirts…


It’s a little big right now, but Walter’s growing so fast.

IMG_2223 copy

IMG_2224 copy

Moral of story, my friend Crystal is totally right. You just can’t beat the joy of sewing a little girl’s dress. And I hate hand-sewing on the snaps. I need to purchase a snap setter. But I did have fun seeing the end result on my little man. And I love the little bias-cut pocket.

5 thoughts on “A Challenge

  1. Just have to say what a gorgeous little suit you made out of that shirt!! 🙂 What a awesome idea!!

  2. It’s very cute! You do great work – both professionally and in your off hours.

    And he is a cutie indeed!!

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