Nope. That’s not a basketball under my clothes. This is why I fell off the face of my blog for quite some time.


Annnd here’s the outcome:

Baby Walter.

Born 4.16.09

I think he’s pretty great!


6 thoughts on “Incognito.

  1. Oh Jes!!
    I’ve been impatiently awaiting pictures of your little man (and you!) You look BEAUTIFUL! Wow. Really really beautiful.
    btw… I still want those pics. Save them for me. Laurel and I will come see you and baby soon and maybe we can exchange money for prints?

  2. First, I LOVE HIM! I promise I am planning on coming to visit you guys soon. I’ll give you a call in the next week or so. 🙂

    Second, that picture of you in the most beautiful I have ever seen! I love your hair long, and you look so happy.

    Congratulations (again), and I’m so happy you posted these pictures!

  3. Jes!!!! You had a baby!!! I didn’t even know you were pregnant, but you totally disappeared from the online world for a while, so I thought something was up. I’m soooo excited for you! Congrats on the adorable baby Walter! I hope you still have the same number ’cause I’m going to call you when I get up there. I want to see you and the adorable little man 😀


  4. Jess~
    Oh my goodness! you look so amazing!! AND your little Walter is so precious! I am so excited for you! You really do look awesome and being a mom rocks! We need to get together and do lunch!! I am a bad friend 😦
    Love ya bunches!

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