The rest of my Massachusetts trip was spent on Nantucket with my Small Family. If you don’t know this part of my family, well, you don’t really know who I am! There’s Meegs, Beth, MaryAnn, Mark, Po and Tink. And yes, Meeg, I’ve fallen in love with Po!

 Before I left for my trip, I told a friend I’d be staying on Nantucket and she said, “Don’t you mean in Nantucket?”

Nope. It’s an Island. (the smaller one here)

We stayed at the Seven Sea Street Inn. The place was absolutely charming. They have an innkeeper and a cat; Puddy. More on Puddy later.

Here’s some fun sign photos to keep you interested.

This was the sign above the whaling museum.

One day, before a beach trip, I bought a book about whaling. It was riveting, and I could not put it down. Seriously. But it did make me a little nervous on my boat ride back to Massachusetts…

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