More and More Hawaii

Ready for a giant post? I know Hawaii was (gasp) two months ago, but I’ve had some complaints (ahem) left on my voice mail about my blog slacking. I had no idea anyone cared! So here you go:

This day on Hawaii was spent exclusively with Robyn. She lives in Maui and her husband was also at the same business hoop-de-da as was mine. We had great fun driving around the island.

These crazy people were lined up waiting to jump off a rock.

It was actually kind of overcast that day, but this glorious umbrella cheered me up!

Ok. So, you all know I have a thing for the birds who live at my house. Well. These little guys were EVERYWHERE! I have no idea what kind of bird they are, but they were all over the place. Sooo cute!

The Mormon Temple. It kind of looks like a government building to me. (Waiting for lightning to strike me down – ha.)

We stopped at THE most incredible nut farm. The cinnamon flavored were good, but I was gaga over the “maui onion garlic” macadamia nuts. Don’t mock them until you try them! This little sign was located right under a macadamia nut tree where you could smash your own shell with a rock and eat one raw.

We stopped at an orchid farm. They were so beautiful! I had no idea there were so many varieties.

The orchid farm had a large family of ducks (or are they geese?) Right after this photo, they became aggressive, so I ran away.

I won’t say that we were lost, just severely disoriented. We passed this sign three times.

And lest it be forgotten, the old woman at McDonald’s must be quoted: “So verrrry expensive…”

I was told in a very stern, hushed, Asian accented-english that I could NOT under any circumstances have m&m’s on a small ice cream cone. Because m&m’s are (insert above quote). I ordered a McFlurry to end the scuffle. The m&m’s were soggy and stale. I spit them out. And Robyn and I laughed for days about how expensive anything and everything was…  I guess you had to be there.


On our drive back to Honolulu.

I love the lighthouse peaking out from behind this giant hill.

A little slice of heaven.

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