No Meegans were harmed.

Have you ever seen the small print on some movies; “No animals were harmed during the filming of this movie.” ?

Does Beth not look like she is about to happily clobber Meeg from behind? This soooo cracks me up!

I promise. No Meegans were harmed during this Cafe Rio outing. Hugs.

It was a HUG in progress.  Riggghhht.

Beth, are you sniffing something??

Beth came to visit for track camp, and when Meeg and I picked her up at the airport, the first place we went was Cafe Rio. Beth had guacamole for the first time. The event was well documented.

I love my sisters. I seriously feel my happiest when they are around. Beth, please move to UT and bring my MP&DP with you too. And maybe Tink and Po too. Maybe.

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