Bird City

It snowed today, and when we arrived home, the snow was filled with dinosaur tracks! (I envision the “cute” raptors from Jurassic Park whenever I see them.) Jonathan filled the bird feeder earlier this week, and the feeder is already completely empty! A new pheasant came around to eat up the bird seed that fell below the feeder, and we were so surprised by his coloring! He has much more orange and dark feathers than Frank and Farnell did… He’s almost leopard like, so we named him Leopold. Leo for short.   And for those of you who do not know us, yes, we name the wildlife. Fun times around here!


This is a photo of Frank, after he had a run-in with Farnell (the younger, feistier male pheasant), and hurt his wing in the fight. April of ’07  I’ve seen Frank around the neighborhood, but not Farnell, so I am not sure who Leo’s pop is, but there are always four or five females around. They are much more skittish than the males.


Long live Frank and Farnell the Fighting Pheasants! (and Leo, of course.)

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