Greek Embroidery

One is by hand, one is machine embroidered for my Cousins in GA…. Can you tell which one is the original? I’m heading out tomorrow to look for blue thread that matches better.


3 thoughts on “Greek Embroidery

  1. The one on the left is the original. The give-away is the center scrollwork – the one on the left is a little more irregular, as is all hand-work. The scrollwork on the right repeats in an exact and precise way. That’s the downfall to machine embroidery- it can lose some of the charm of human error.
    This embroidery is going on wool vests for a Greek Dance troop in Georgia. (Unless some brave bride falls in love with this pattern. Ha.)
    During the cut and embroider stage of constuction, I broke out in hives – ugh. Wool dust everywhere. I thought maybe I had outgrown my wool allergy, but alas, I have not. Five more vests to go….itch, itch.

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