I am so flattered

Thank you for your kind words…

Mountain of the Eagle: Introducing the Best Kept Secret in Utah

Mountain of the Eagle: Some more Jes

Mountain of the Eagle: Jessica May Designs

“This past weekend my good friend Jes took pictures of Brent and I on saturday afternoon- and they turned out phenomenally. These are only a couple of the hundreds that turned out beautifully. Since she is the artist of my unique and one of a kind wedding gown, we got all gussied up (and YES I fit into my wedding gown three years later!) and she took the reigns. Jes has arrived! Not only does she hand-craft the most exquisite wedding gowns (and everything in between), but she is an amazing photographer. Check out Jes & Jonathan and Jessica May Design on my links to see some other amazing creations and/or to contact her. She can make anything, sew anything, design anything, and has a modern edge to her photography that sets her apart as one of the most unique artists I’ve known. Her prices are very reasonable for her expertise, and she does family shots, pets, bridals, weddings (and everything in between). She does it all, and I’m proud to call her my friend! If you want to know more, let me know or contact her directly from her sites.”

One thought on “I am so flattered

  1. I most heartily concur!
    Jes has an amazing eye for photography and a wonderful gift for design. She is the only person I know who can make a sewing pattern from just measurements!
    (And I am very proud of my niece!)
    Love, Aunt Gail

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