Like I promised!

So. I cheated a little. I said that I would post some things that I have sewn. Really, though, I turned my promise to sew something into an excuse for another photo shoot. I just can’t help myself. Here’s a sneak peak:

A poly knit shirt. Serged hems in teal thread. Butterfly sleeves. I loved this shirt. The yellow-green background made me look sick. West nile virus sick. My kind husband said it was the ugliest fabric he had ever seen. I think that made me love it a little more. Oh well. Meegan got a new shirt and a photo shoot out of the whole ordeal.

 My all time favorite summer skirt. This one was only a loan-er for the photograph. It’s lined in white swimwear knit. Thin elastic waistband. Good for eating watermelon. Very stretchy. A-line cut. Paisley. I love this skirt!

 Last, but not least, a sneak peak of what’s on my bridal blog: Hey, they are sewn items too!!! Glorious silk duppioni sample dresses. Ahhh. Silk.


On another note, Jonathan and I went to a birthday party for our friend Jose. Jose and Maria are great. She always cooks amazingly spicy things and I usually attempt to pet their dog Chico, who is not inclined to petting. I was elated when we arrived to meet their new puppy, Taco. He was soooo sweet and snuggly. And Jonathan barely sneezed!! Happy Birthday, Jose!


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