Bad, Bad Blogger

Sooo…  Here’s what I’ve been up to since my last post…

Took some Halloween photos for a friend’s Kindergarten Class Halloween Party:


Here are some llamas or maybe alpacas that live a few blocks from my house. The mama is on the left, yes, with the pretty eyelashes. My sister Meegan was with me and she thought for sure the Mama Llama might spit on me.. I backed up when she came near. He. The llama, not Meegan. Although I hear Meegan spits when she’s mad sometimes too.


I had a chance to photograph David Hopkins during a private performance at a friend’s house. 

 Here’s a Youtube  (from another time) of a song that I really liked that night…


Did some sewing of a new sample dress for my Bridal site. Here is a twirling photo I took:


The saddest story ever: I took about 200 or so photos at this really fun location, and my compact flash decided to die as I put it into my computer… Yep. I cried.

This is one of the surviving shots… she totally cheered me up.


I took some photos of a friend in her Halloween costume. She was …. umm dead, and decapitated, much to the dismay of her mother. I thought the fake blood was kind of cool.


I also had the chance to photograph these adorable puppies. Ok, ok. So they aren’t young dogs, but every doggy is a puppy to me.


And lastly, my husband and his stuffed Ralph that Grandma Phyllis made for him when he was two. I had this one printed for her and she loved it. (Please don’t be mad that I posted this…. it was just too cute!)


Sorry – not much sewing in the last little while… I’ve been too distracted by my camera. I promise I will post some sewing things soon. Other than all the phototaking, my computer has been aging, and it was time to upgrade… That took a few days to settle everything. I like to call it “The Great File Transfer of 2007”. Very fun.

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