This is a chicken. It is not a llama. Or Dandelion fluff. It is a chicken.




So, today, I actually went into my neighbor’s chicken house (it’s too nice to be called a coop) without freaking out and feeling like I was starring in Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds”.




The rooster didn’t even chase me. The adorable puffy headed chicks are new. They are my favorite! Soft, soft feathers, like hair. They even have feathery feet! Jonathan picked one up last weekend for me to pet. I don’t know how he caught it! Myrtle and Mabel are the black ones (my neighbor let me name them today!).


It was so cute – the fluffy chicks aren’t quite used to being around people yet and so they all go and huddle in a corner or the house facing the corner wall. It’s like the equivalent of an ostrich’s head in the sand. So cute. Don’t Mabel and Myrtle look like they are up to something no good in this photo?




These were taken with my new camera! (a Canon 10D – yippee!)

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