It’s in the wash

Sewing room photos will have to wait until I am done unpacking from my trip. I’ve been washing vintage textiles for the past two days, so while the fabrics are soaking I made myself busy test sewing this Anthropologie inspired embroidery. It was hand digitized by me, and doesn’t exactly match the original, but I think it’s close enough to give the dress sew-up a go after seeing the sew out. Here’s the original and my version. 91307-anth.jpg

I think I will do another test sew-out in a darker thread, maybe a navy and on a cotton batiste. The test I did was on a cotton gauze with a striped pattern in it. (Similar to my cotton gauze shirt, but in pale pink. ) The test thread is two different rayon Sulky threads, a purple and a pink. On the gauze, the single thread was too thin, but I think on the batiste I will stick to one darker thread. I may also go more natural waist instead of empire. It’s more flattering on me. We will see. I’ll post the dress when it’s done.

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