Head and Toes


Oh my stinkin’ cute! I’ve been so busy lately sewing wedding gowns. I took a break earlier this week to see a friend of mine who is also a photographer… She mentioned that it would be nice to have some cute hats on hand for children’s photo shoots. Yes, I made a hat, but I got thoroughly distracted by these booties. Both are self-drafted patterns. I have no idea what size the booties would be, but I’m off to test them on another friends baby this weekend. (I hope.) Um. Also – I love my embroidery machine! I don’t use it enough. I wish I had more time to digitize. It’s been a nice change to sew these tiny little things as opposed to the voluminous skirt on a wedding dress… Back to the basement I go. I will have to post photos of my sewing room for my next entry. There. I’ve committed now!

2 thoughts on “Head and Toes

  1. Hi, I was looking for hats on the internet . I thought I would let you know who was looking at your pictures. I live in Tuscumbia Alabama. I love to sew and craft. I have enjoyed looking at your page. Thank you

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