Summer Gauze Shirt


So, on Saturday I had the nicest talk with my neighbor and friend. She asked me why I didn’t make more clothing for myself, and the only conclusion I could really come to was: time. I get so busy with my bridal business, that I don’t take the time to really enjoy making my own clothing. So, on Sunday, I decided to make myself this shirt (since I don’t work for clients on Sunday.) It is inspired by the top on the left, but the material is very different. You may be looking at my inspiration photos and be thinking, “that doesn’t look like the other one…”, but that’s just it – the idea isn’t to knock off another design, it’s just inspiration. I like the look and feeling of the shirt on the left. It looks soft and delicate. My fabric was soft and lightweight. The left top has insertions in the yoke, my does too, but in a different pattern. I passed on the long sleeves and puff sleeve cap because it was hot outside, and I couldn’t think about long sleeves, and frankly, I wasn’t in the mood for a puff sleeve. So you see; inspiration. A cool little detail that may not be noticeable (due to my awful photo-taking skills) is that a side dart is built into the yoke seam… which I also moved lower than the original. This may not be noticeable at all in a solid fabric, but the stripe shows it off rather well. (It appears as if the yoke is curving down towards the side seams.) Very exciting, I know.

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