The littlest friend ever


It has been almost two years since my little friend Ginger went to a new family. (I traded up for a very allergic husband.) This post is in honor of her incredible fashion sense. Ginger was the best Yorkie ever, however, when it was cold outside, she refused to go out to do her business. This fushia velvet coat was the solution. It had an exposed separating zipper down her center back seam (for ease in dressing), and one cuff cut against the nap for flair.

She was no easy client to fit… You may ask, how was it done? Well, I looked at some pictures of Japanese doggy- fashion magazines to see the shape of the flat pattern. I winged it off of Ginger’s measurements and then I did a full fitting in scrap cotton. I used safety pins instead of regular pins, for her safety, and the coat came out fitting alright. She had very long skinny legs at the time, which are even more obvious when you look at her “shoulder” seams. The fit wasn’t perfect, but it was my first try… Ginger, I miss you.

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